San Sebastian


After an overnight stay in Santander, I hopped on the bus and had a scenic coastal route to San Sebastian, located in the Basque Country of Spain.


When I arrived the Carnival Parade was in full force – and it was a huge improvement from Santander’s I have to admit! I particularly enjoyed The Nightmare Before Christmas float, and the Spanish version of its songs playing!


I stayed in a hostel named A Room In the City – good location, cheap price, and comfy beds! After eating a delicious fish dinner (always have to eat fish when by the sea!), and then drinking a delicious whiskey sour at a bar named La Gintoneria, I called it a night, eager to explore the next day.


It was a beautiful day so there was no better way to spend it than walking along the coast, taking scenic photos!


After I explored the old town, which had quaint little streets and a beautiful church at the end.


Nothing better than a cold drink in a plaza on a sunny day!


After lunch I met up with friends who had just arrived in the city. We wandered around some more, including up the hill to where the old castle is located – and some amazing views!


We became mesmerised watching the big waves break against land. Then, it was the final day of carnival in San Sebastian, but I had to catch my coach to return to Burgos. My mum came to visit the next day, so I enjoyed the next few days as well, showing her around my current home! But I really liked San Sebastian, it is a city I definitely think I would like to visit again. It’s good for sightseeing, but also to take it easy and soak up the city in its streets.




Last Friday I was packing last minute to spend the long weekend away, Santander being the first of two cities I would visit. I was full of the flu, and raging because I couldn’t find my jeggings. However I had wanted to visit Santander since I first arrived in Spain, so I was looking forward to it!


I stayed at Hostel Santander – a cheap, but lovely place to stay! The staff were friendly, the beds were comfortable, and it was all very clean, pretty and relaxing. The breakfast provided wasn’t much, so I ate in a cafe for less than two euros. Altogether – a hostel I’d recommend!


The Saturday when I arrived was insanely windy – I had to sturdy myself against the winds lest I felt like impersonating Mary Poppins!


The original Bank of Santander was magnificent!


As it was carnival I managed to see part of the parade – I have to admit I was disappointed by it. It felt like more effort could have been made, but people seemed to be enjoying themselves.


As the evening was still early I decided to visit the Museum of Modern Art. I’m not a huge fan of modern art, but there were a few things that caught my eye for good/hilarious reasons…


After I left the museum the heavens had already opened and what was left of carnival had ran for shelter. I decided to grab some food and call it a night, I had left my umbrella in the hostel which I don’t think my sickly self thanked me for!


The next day however was beautiful, even serene! It was lovely to walk along the coast and admire to view.


I walked to the Peninsula de Magdalena and took a tour around the Palace there. Although not all of the palace was included in the tour, for only 3 euros it was definitely worth it!



I liked Santander, it was affordable and pretty. There isn’t a huge amount of tourist attractions compared to other cities, but it is nice to walk about and breathe in the sea air.